Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Yoga Conference starts tomorrow! At long last! :)

My heart literally swells with love for animals, especially all those millions of dogs that's are killed daily in shelters. So flippin many of them are unaltered - SO many people are spaying and neutering its crazy. Which brings me to my next point-why on earth would you own an animal of you don't care for it or don't want to, or of you're going to neglect it and abuse it?!? What's the point then?!? It amazes me daily how many acts of cruelty in the news I see, ranging from hoarding, starving animals, sword yielding jackasses that go and stab neighbour dogs because they've been a nuisance, dogs that are chained to these big ass chains that embed themselves into the dog's neck, only to forever live outside in the sweltering heat and the damn cold... Why?!? I don't get it. I used to get upset about this, and dot get me wrong I still do, but it actually ignites a fire of anger within and empathy... Those animals did not ask for a life of misery. Not once. And yet, too, what kills me is that most of these dogs are just dying for someone to love them and they're SO forgiving, even after all the shit they've been through. Sigh.... :deep breaths:

Anyways, on a positive note, the Yoga Conference is tomorrow!!!! Woop whoop! I've been looking forward to this withdraw since a year ago at the end of last years conference. Love love love it! I'm doing a 6 hour workshop with Seane Corn tomorrow, then we'll have an early dinner then head over to Body Blitz spa and do the water circuit there and then finally, end off with a massage at 8 pm, which should make us sleepy and mellow for early bed and up and at the convention center for an 8 am start with, you guessed it, Seane Corne. ;) then we have a break to walk around the show and see what's going on, have a vegan lunch and then the afternoon will be spent with Seane for another 2 hr class and then finally a class with this incredible woman named Natasha Rizopoulos. Marah has classes Sunday but I'm done after 5:15pm so I'll be heading back home afterwards. Jeff has a shooting competition on Saturday so we'll likely be getting home around the same time. :) Ask me right now and I'll tell you life is good, life is beautiful :) I'm fortunate for my blessings :)

Sunday will be a dog park visit if its not too mild and mucky out and then our friend Christina will be coming over for a visit. :) awesome, awesome wknd ahead! Namaste and my best wishes xo

Pics from the week:

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