Friday, January 17, 2014


How about some randomness right off the bat, shall we?I need someone to re-design my blog.  Looks so drab and it's not pretty or unique like so many others I see out there.  

I also need to start thinking about topics to ramble on about because I feel like I'm boring, so I apologize for that. 

Huzzah!!! It's Friday bitches. Christ it's been a long week. I did a weights class today at lunch, which was great, but man my legs wanted to give out. I was D Y I N G!! But in a good way of course, there are no negatives or drawbacks to health and fitness.

We're having my mom and step dad over  for dinner tomorrow evening but we haven't really got any plans this weekend. Last weekend, however, was enjoyable. For a couple of years now, Jeff and I have looked very casually for a new couch or sectional. Lo and behold, we bought a new sectional! And grey! I'm absolutely in love with it. We also got an arc lamp that hangs over it. Super nice and needed; the couches we had before we're bought in 1990 by Jeff's parents (!!). So I took some pics to remember the old and bring in the new. 
Jeff slept on the couch one last time last Friday night. 
On the curb.. Bye bye couches, you've been good to us. 
Beautiful! Comfortable! Huge! And we all love it, dogs included, although they were a bit confused at first lol they had to be coaxed on to the couches and told it was okay. They now have certain spots that are "theirs" :)
Charlie's has managed to find a vantage point to get some rays. :)

And here is Baxter on his throne, he definitely likes the chaise part. 

And lastly, Baxter turned 6 (!!!) on Wednesday :) 


  1. I want a puppy so bad I can't even handle it lol but my stupid apartment won't allow them! ugh .. anyways are you looking into a designer for your blog or just to do it yourself.

    1. I don't know what I'd do without my pups, I love them to pieces. Maybe the next place you live you'll be allowed to have a dog. What would you get? Pure bred? Rescue/Shelter?

      As for my site, I don't know much HTML I'm afraid and I don't know anyone that really does and frankly if I even mention it to my husband that I could pay someone to do it, he'd think I'm nuts. So I'm stuck with what I've got for now... Oh well.


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