Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Musings...

You know what really chaps my ass and SO many women do it.  People that are obviously slim that say they're fat.  Um you're smaller than me, what the fuck am I then?  I must be obese, if that's the case.  And that my friends is how you get a complex.  People like this individual I've described above that have "made" women insecure.  This same person likes drama and also like to make mountains out of mole hills for no reason in particular.  I seriously, seriously think if we showed a little more compassion, love and understanding of people, we could all collectively live in a world that was much more joyous, non-harming and filled with less hate and hidden agendas.  I just can't stand to be around people that are just so negative or like to wallow in misery, you know?  Life is too short.  And if you haven't got anything nice to say, well, keep your mouth shut.  No one needs to hear it.
Moving along... The weekend went by entirely too quickly.  On Saturday, we took my mom out to Whitby-area so she could pick up some raw dog food that she was going to be trying to switch her two dogs over to.  Well, wouldn't you know it, we spent about 2 hours there.. Why you ask?  Because there were dogs there and I was doting alllllllllllll over them.  The woman breeds Leonbergers and she has four of her own.  I had never met the breed until maybe a year ago when I looked after a Leo named Olive, and man was she a stunner.  Here she is:
Here are the Leo's from Saturday:
Beautiful Kramer :)
The ladies

I think this was the 9 month old female.  There was Kramer and his daughter and then another female and her daughter.

185 lbs of pure love.  This is Kramer.

Sunday we didn't get up to much other than heading over to my mom's for a bit and some running around and being domesticate.
I think it's the weather but I'm really tired this week.  Could be the weather/temperatures.  I think today's it's around -20, feels like -30 with the wind chill.  Brr!!  I'm so over winter, but then again, I've never been a fan of it given that I'm always cold.
Anyways, decided to take a few pictures of some nooks of our place that are my fave. 
Here's one of our book cases that houses a ton of diving magazines, National Geographics, books, elephant figures, pictures, and more pictures. 

This cabinet you see in the pic above?  It houses about 40 Swarovski crystals that I began collecting at a young age, I believe my first was purchased on a cruise ship or in port at an island we visited while on said cruise.
Our new grey sectional.. And Jeff sleeping. :)

This is prob the messiest nook in our home.  It's where I put a heaping pile of bills before filing them away every 3-4 months.

One of my little areas or "spots" with a bunch of books, elephant studies, pictures, etc.

Jeff and my man, Charlie snuggling.

He's always watching ;)

Charlie and I :)
That's all for now.  Jeff's birthday is on Friday and he turns 37, the old fucker.  LOL  His family is coming down on Thursday night to celebrate with us.  Friday night we're going out with my family and the rest of the weekend I'm petsitting/dog walking but it's another quiet weekend like at the beginning of January......
Have a good one... :)

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