Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE and 2014

New Years Eve was pretty uneventful.  We were told to leave at Noon and I had already planned to go to the gym so I did that, then came back an hour later, got changed and left.  Everyone was already gone at that point but I wanted to get some sweat time in.  I got before 3 pm, which was super sweet.  We decided not to go downtown because it was too damn cold.  It was -17 without the wind chill and we weren't about to stand around and freeze our asses off.  So we stayed home and watched the boob tube and were in bed by 12:30 pm.  Such old farts we are.  LOL

I typically don't make New Years Resolutions because people usually don't keep them and I don't have resolutions to make per se, goals maybe yes but resolutions, no.  I think this year is going to be a good one, full of change, good things and happy times.  I look forward to the things to come this year, our vacation to Barbados in September and I look forward to more personal growth and expanding my relationships and friendships with people.

Here's some snapshots of pics from NYE and New Years Day.  The dog pictures with 6 of them in it are from my mom's house on New Years Day.  We went for a late lunch at my mom's house and afterwards, Jeff and Bruce went to a Raptors game.  I stayed back with the dogs and we had our neighbours' dogs, Lily and Stella too. 

The boys resting up for a crazy (!!) New Years Eve

Little man Baxter
Blurry but whatevs!


Stella, Dina's rescue Bichon

Left to Right: Baxter, Quincey, Stella, Lily, Delilah and Baxter

Charlie, Lily and Delilah

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