Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 and Week Off..

I literally cannot believe it's been SIX days SINCE Christmas 2013 already.  Today is my first day back to work in over a week.  Everyone booked the day today except three of us in my office branch.  I didn't mind because the day before a statutory holiday, we normally get told we can go home early and such is the case this year, as my boss's boss told me this morning we could leave at Noon.  Perfect.  I was going to go to the gym to lift for Noon for an hour, so instead I'll just come back and change before heading home.  I have to pick up my winter jacket at the tailor's because I had to get the zipper replaced.  Sometime between Christmas and the next couple of days, my jacket must have snagged on something and ripped two teeth out, along with the zipper and I had to get it replaced.  It was either that or spending at least $200-$300 on a new jacket, when I loved mine still and it was in perfect condition.  Thankfully it was able to be fixed because I was hoping to at the very least get another winter, if not two left of this jacket. 

This evening, New Years Eve, I think it's a bit overrated.  We were going to come back downtown (coincidentally, right beside my office tower) for a celebration at Nathan Phillip's Square but frankly it's too flippin cold.  And we don't feel like getting caught up in a crowd and huddling for warmth until midnight just to see the clock ring in.  I can do that from my living room couch.  I suggested we bundle up and take the kids for a midnight stroll OR alternatively, we go snowshoeing at midnight.  Should be alright though, I'm not big into drinking so it's pretty insignificant for me, well both of us really.

Christmas was a blur but it was a good one nevertheless.  We did Christmas between Jeff and I a bit early this year.  I bought him an IDPA membership for 2014 and a Citizen Eco-Drive watch that he'd been eye-balling for a long time.  He bought me a Citizen Eco-Drive watch as well (it's gorgeous btw, see pic!), a gift certificate to Lululemon, in which I bought a pair of the lined casual pants in a deep plum colour, identical to my black pair but these puppies were lined.  He also got me lifting gloves, a day planner and a calendar, and two recipe books from my fave restaurant, Fresh.  Jeff spoils me rotten.  And we can never wait until Christmas to spoil eachother. LOL.  OH well, no one can dictate when we can and can't celebrate on our own together.  It's just nice and intimate just the two of us with the boys.  The boys opened their prezzies and got new collars and two stuffies, which as I type this, are destroyed a whole five days later lol.  This year I received sweaters, more sweaters (hey, just what I need since I'm always cold), jewelry, gift cards, pyjama's, an e-reader (!!), which I'm surprisingly liking a lot.  I've been reading a lot lately so it's perfect.

Christmas morning, we went to my mom's house, had breakfast and opened presents with her.  We left our dogs with her and my step-dad so we didn't have to worry about them up north.  We headed up north later on in the afternoon and stayed until Friday late in the afternoon, to which we then made our way back homebound.  Picked up the kids later on that evening, reaffirmed that they missed us and love us still.  Saturday we did some errands and Sunday, Jeff took a buddy to a hockey game.  Here are some pictures of the last week or so.... :)

Our funny faces compilation lol

Below are up North pictures.... 

Being all cute in Wally-mart lol


My in-laws' house up north

And since I forgot to add it above, here's the watch. :)
All in all, a great week off was had and another Christmas has come and gone and a new year is upon us.  Have a safe and happy new years everyone!  All my best wishes for 2014.  xox

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