Thursday, December 12, 2013

Two weeks til Christmas! **Errr apparently this didn't post yesterday**

It's been almost a week since I last wrote so I figure we're long overdue for an update.

We've been at my mom's house for a week now and everything has been smooth sailing thus far.  Everyone has been getting along smashingly, the boys put on a show every night of them dueling and Quincey always, always tries to mediate and get in between the two, thinking that they're legit squabbling.  Not at all, they're just horsing around like two little boys that they are.  Delilah, she's doing well.  She's Miss Wigglebum.  The boys are enjoying all the space and the big backyard.  It also snowed a few days ago and they've literally been running around like little idiots, just having a blast.  They come inside and they look like little polar bears with snow all over their faces and beards.  :) 

This past weekend I was pet sitting, although the weekend wasn't too bad.  The busiest parts of my day were between 1 pm and 4 pm.  I had a bit of an emergency with a elderly client that I visit in the afternoon at a retirement home.  I got there, her door was locked.. Doesn't happen too often but I went back to the lobby and got her key from the front desk.  Went up and Quincy, her Yorkie happily greeted me and but no client.  I called out her name and she didn't answer.  I peeked inside her bedroom and she was in bed, fast asleep.  Now in my over a year and a half of seeing her, I've never once seen her in bed.   So, I walked over to her and touched her while saying her name a few times and eventually she roused but she was completely out of it, she had to ask me what day it was.  She kept saying she was sorry and I kept reassuring it was okay and that I was just worried about her.  I asked her if she wanted help up and she said no and I asked her if she thought she'd be okay with being on her own while I took her dog out for a walk and she said yes.  So off for a walk we went and when I went back, she was in the bathroom and just kept saying her head felt funny and she felt weak and dizzy.  She couldn't hold a glass so I grabbed the glass of water I brought to her and she came to sit down.  At that point, she asked me if I could call her daughter and ask her if she could come and that she was unwell.  So I obliged and her daughter told me to call downstairs for the nurse and she came up.  Basically, we came to the conclusion that she must have taken her Saturday pills and she was overdosing.  She couldn't explain where they were but insisted she didn't take them, to which we both said to her, well if you didn't take them, what happened to them?  I ended up staying with her almost an hour and a half and her daughter was on her way, I just felt so terrible for her and again, she kept saying she was sorry for inconveniencing me and that she didn't want to trouble anyone and I assured her she wasn't and that we were only concerned because we love and care for her.  She broke my heart though.. I held her hand and wiped her tears, she was so apologetic.  She lost her daughter earlier this year to cancer and no mother should bury their child before themselves.. So I know that was really hard on her and her son had a terrible accident a couple of years ago that's left him brain damaged.. I think it's just a culmination of things.  So this was on Saturday and on Sunday, I went to see her again and her son that usually visits every Sunday with his caregiver but he wasn't there, the caregiver came for a visit to see how she was doing and she was much, much better.  A completely different person and looked like the lady that I've known all along.  It was just nice to see her more like herself rather than incoherent and out of it.

This week has been pretty uneventful.  I did go see a friend's 11 week old French Bulldog that is cute as a button.  The ears, her feet, her belly....they're all just so delicious, she's a darling.

I must go but here are some pictures.  Enjoy! :)

Saturday morning

 This is Chelsea, a German Short-haired Pointer

 The kids out back on Saturday morning.  Delilah on the right and below, Quincey.

This is Madigan

And Tyco

Sunday morning

The beautiful Beau.

 Hennessey, above, she's hilarious and very dramatic and below is Cujo, a feisty Pom! lol

This guy bopped me in the nose and gave me a nose bleed on Saturday lol

Mr. Hamish.  What a character!

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