Friday, December 20, 2013

What's goin' on, crises, Christmas, etc.

Christmas is SIX days away.  I can hardly believe it.  It feels like Christmas... Christmas lights everywhere, decorations, snow... but it just doesn't feel that soon.

We are finally back at our place.  I picked my Mom and Step-Dad up last night.  Their flight was delayed nearly two hours so that meant they landed around 11:05 pm and I didn't crawl into bed until about 1:30 am.  Me so tired today!  I ended up going solo because Jeff was a write off sick and frankly, he was too bad of shape to drive, let alone come along for the ride.

**** I wrote the above yesterday, on Thursday, December 19, 2013. ****

Our countdown is now at FIVE!!!!  I decided that I'm going to be bah-humbug and not put up our Christmas tree.  One, because we were at my mom's house for 2 weeks at the beginning of December and it seemed silly to put up and not be able to enjoy it.  Two, there's 5 days left and we leave on Christmas to head over to my mom's and then up north so there's such a small window that we'd actually be able to enjoy it, you know? I feel guilty though. Lol 

****the above was wrote on Friday, December 20th and I got so busy, had a meltdown, then found the source of aforementioned meltdown and then all was right in the world.

Today, Saturday, December 21st, 2013
This was taken at 5 am this morning when Charlie and I were awake :)

Yesterday I inadvertently lost my engagement ring. Yep, that's right, my ENGAGEMENT ring. Ugh!!!!! The story is: I lift weights on Fridays at lunch and it must've fell when I pulled my jewelry out of my pocket and some honest, awesome (!!!) person turned it in. I was a sobbing mess looking for it at my desk after I returned from my workout, thinking I had dropped it on the floor there before I had even left in the first place. Regina thought it would still be good to check the gym since I had been there as well, and sure enough, that's where it was indeed! My dad must've been looking out for me on that day. You see, it's not just that it's my ring and it's symbolic to my marriage, but my dad designed it over three decades ago for my mom and it was the engagement ring he proposed to her with. It's the memories behind the ring. And it's one of the few things of my father that I have left. So when I got my ring back and slid it on my finger, all was then right in the world. :) 

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