Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas before I forget!

Well we survived the Ice Storm of 2013.  Scrapped the car three or four times over the weekend and we were still taking off huge layers of ice off the car when we went out yesterday.  Almost 300,000 people are without power, thankfully we are not included in that statistic.  We drove around all over the place and there were so many pockets of neighbourhoods in darkness and yet you'd look across the street and they would be on.  So strange.
Our trip to Barbados next year has already been booked.  We're heading down there on September 10th for 2 weeks!! WOOOOOO!  Can't wait.  And to boot, my mom is treating us to the hotel and flight so all we have to worry about is spending money and money for scuba diving.  We'll have to get our regs serviced next year, even though they haven't been used that much.  It's not something I want to fuck around with being that a regulator is your lifeline in the water.  So I don't mind spending some money getting them serviced.  The only thing we won't be taking down is tanks and weights (for the obvious reasons).
Christmas shopping has officially concluded.  We purchased our last gift yesterday afternoon with success.
Now I'm off to the gym for a Jillian Michaels Shred class and then I'll be going home.  I think I've finally caught a bit of Jeff's sickness.  While he's feeling a bit better than he had been, it seems my throat feels like there should be razor blades down within in.  Blah!  I can't get sick, especially this close to Christmas for god sakes!!
If I don't post beforehand, Merry Christmas!!!! :)

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