Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holy shit it's December! Where did 2013 go?!

Today is Day 1 of our 14 day stint at my Mom's house.  We're house/dog sitting again while she's in Barbados.  Again.  Such a rough life, right?  LOL

I'm looking forward to the holidays, which is exactly one week after my mom returns from the south.  I haven't done any decorating this year, I'm not sure why, maybe because I was thinking we'd be at my mom's house for two weeks and not able to enjoy it... so I didn't bother.  Bit of a Scrooge, aren't I?  I'll probably put it back up sometime after the 18th when we go back home.

Tonight, my boss of the dog walking company is having staff over for drinks and hors d'oeuvres (sp?).  I wasn't able to make it last year so I'm happy to be going tonight.  I'm a bit ticked off though because I'd rather be going to this free yoga shin dig tonight being taught by my friend Dallas but I think it'd be too rushed to get there, I wouldn't be able to feed the dogs beforehand and I wouldn't be getting home until 10 pm.  Blah, next time.  Speaking of dog walking, it's my weekend this weekend but it isn't too bad, it's not too crazy at all, which is just fine by me, I don't mind it being a bit quiet.  I can't imagine how busy it'll be over the holidays!  I'd say almost 50% or just about of our Christmas shopping is taken care of.  We've bought for my Mom, my aunt, my step-dad, my father in law and two nieces, which leaves us with Jeff's brother, Jeff's Mom, Secret Santa at my work and Jeff's gun forum, our nephew and eachother.  I already know what I'm getting Jeff for Christmas.  I hope it doesn't sell out otherwise I'm shit out of luck for any other ideas.  We're getting the dogs new collars with our phone number embroidered on it just in case that if one of them gets lost or goes missing (ahem thank you Charlie for instigating us to get new collars for you two!).  Our neighbour and friend got us an advent calendar for the dogs so they've been enjoying that since December 1st.  I didn't bring it with us to my Mom's house because her dogs can't have any treats or foods they're not normally given so that's out.  The boys are going to have a hay day catching up on the 18th with making up for the days we're at my mom's.

I'm really looking forward to next year.  We're going to Barbados in September for 2 weeks.  We'll be doing lots of diving again and I wouldn't mind going to the Stavronikita again.  It's a 365 ft long ship that burned years and years ago so Barbados sunk it and the deck sits at around 100ft and the ocean floor is around 140 ft. We went in between 90 and 100 feet and it was just incredible.  I remember the ocean being choppy that day but it didn't take us long to descend some before a wave of calm came over and we slowly decompressed our jackets and slowly sank and out of the depths, this behemoth emerged.  It was massive.  You actually run out of air before getting an entire good look at the whole ship.  You really need two tanks to see it properly.  Two nice things about diving in Barbados: the bath like temperatures of the water means I don't have to wear a wetsuit and be all pansy-ass and cold

Overall, I'm feeling great.  Life is dandy.  :)

My cutie, Baxter

My friend's 10 week old French Bulldog, Iris.  She's so adorable!!!!

Eloise aka Ella and Iris.  Ella looks like such a brute but I assure you, she's a such a loving ham bone :)

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