Friday, April 8, 2011

All I want to do right this second is to cry........And I don't specifically know why.  Just a crappy Friday I suppose.  Shouldn't complain, it's the weekend. 

Going to the Yoga convention next Sunday with Marah and her bf's sister so that should be fun and it gets me out and about.  You know, with people that actually give a shit.

Sometimes I wonder if people say things just to entertain me.  Or not say things because...I don't even know why.

Jeff said to me last week that I'm on facebook and BB messenger too much.  The result, partially my doing, partially bc of his comment = facebook being deactivated.  BB messenger.  Shit the dude doesn't even answer me half the time, sure he'll read them but WTF?  I can't win.

I think I just need to go home, have a drink and get the fuck on to bed.  I've been feeling blue since last week and I've tried, I really have.  But all I want to do right now and is to break down into pieces.

Now I'm going to leave work and finish up the last 50 pages of Matt Logelin's book whilst I cry like a little bitch behind shades.  No, really it's the book.  I was crying on my way home last night reading his book.  Wow, just wow.

Have a good weekend! <3 I hope I do.

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