Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So today is a new day. New start, new beginnings and a new outlook on life.  I'm trying to be less negative and more positive for the sake of my own happiness, sanity and also that of Jeff's.

Today is day 4.  I slept much better last night than I had the previous night.  Well, all weekend really.

I saw Born to be Wild on the weekend and can I just say that I was smiling the entire 40 minutes? I loved every second of it but I especially liked what they showed about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Man, if I ever had the opportunity and the means, I'd go back to school to become a biologist and then try to get the necessary visa's and what not and move myself, the boys and Jeff to Africa.  This would all be, of course, if we won the lottery.  I'm dying to get my ass over there, the feelings I have for elephants is astounding or distubring, whichever way you look at it LOL.

Yesterday was the one month mark to Barbados.  The lady that was going to take her dogs bailed so my mom is now frantically searching for someone to take them or stay at the house.  All because of my aunt had to make plans smasck dab in the middle of the trip, which seriously puts a rift into the situation.

Weather is getting nicer here, it was actually muggy on the weekend.  Even yesterday it was warm, although when I left work at 4:15 it was windier than all hell.  Ah well.


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