Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Humpity hump hump.... Day..

So my weekend didn't amount to too much shenanigans going down.  I was alone on Thursday evening after Jeff left to head up north around 9:30.  Friday, I had work and all that "fun" stuff, then later that night, after doing some cleaning and purging, Greg, Alex and Frank came over for a visit.

Saturday, I woke up early and went to the market with my mom and step-dad, walked around, saw lots of dogs, we saw a 10-week old baby St. Bernard - see below.  Afterwards, we went to have a coffee on Main Street.  After that, I went home to see the children for a bit and then got picked up and went over to mom's for the afternoon and evening with the dogs.  Took advantage of her washer and dryer and did our laundry, all the while the boys had a blast frolicking in her big back yard.  Later that evening, I went home and crashed. 

Sunday morning, I woke up and walked my ass to Yoga in the Park with Lululemon and then I stayed for some acro yoga afterwards, which was a lot of fun. :)  Following that, went home and had a shower and by the time I was finished, Alex had come back from a weekend up at Stu's cottage... We went grocery shopping and then I prepped dinner while waiting for the man to come home from up north. 

Monday, our long weekend stat holiday, we went to Vaughn Mills to do some shopping and then some geocaching.  Low-key weekend but I don't mind one bit.

Jeff went to cross fit last night and tonight so he's back on a roll.  His bike is back home and fixed, which makes him an even happier man.  Tonight and tomorrow, I'm helping out at my pet sitting job.  Some "employee" gave her notice after my boss went away on a 3 week holiday, then she's been flaking and blowing off appointments ever since.  Ummmm, you just don't do that.  Especially if there's a living, breathing thing on the other end that's depending on you to be there for them and let them out to do their business. 

As for this coming weekend, Saturday is family day at the range.  Oh joy! lol  And Sunday, hopefully the weather pans out and we can go boating up at Alex's parents. :)  Hope everyone is well! xo

I just LOVE this: 
We want to make the world a better place
By slowing down our frenetic pace
By doing so we make a space
To open up to Love & Grace

Beautiful, isn't it?  This picture is from Wanderlust out in Whistler

Apparently it IS comfy to lay upside down with your head one way and your body going another lol

This is what I have to say about haters.  Fuck em!

Little bundle of joy we saw at the market

On my way to yoga in the park Sunday morning

And another kitchen injury.  I assure you that it looks much worse than the pictures let on.  I almost chopped off the tip of my thumb!!!!!

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