Thursday, August 29, 2013

How is it Monday, AGAIN!?! So quick?! So I started writing this on Monday, you see and now it's Thursday.... Jesus

God it's Thursday and I'm still trying to hammer out an update since Monday.  Another weekend down (last weekend albeit) and it was an uneventful one.  I have to admit I've been an asshole the last week and a half in particular because of my toe/foot bullshit, but it's finally starting to heal.  This, of course, was not before I almost had a temper tantrum on Friday night after work because I was ready to take a fork to my foot and scratch away, all in the name of relief.  I think what I was prescribed Friday night should have been given to me all along, along with the antibiotics, but hey, I'm no Doctor.  This leads me to Tuesday.  My Boss was not impressed with how angry my foot was looking so she said that I must go to the doctor.  You see, I made an appointment for later that day at 5 p.m. but I decided to go early.  I went to a spinning class first (shut up - my foot has been fine this week spinning), then to a clinic around the corner where I waited maybe 20 minutes.  Ended up seeing this wonderful gentleman and he actually picked my foot up and thoroughly examined it.  I got more meds and a referral to get my leg ultrasounded to make sure that I didn't have any blood clots in my leg.  Hoofed it around the corner to the Ultrasound clinic and had this lovely goop squirted all down my right leg.  I have to say it was pretty neat watching the screen and the sonographer pic-stitching my femoral artery... and then turning on the sound to listen to my heart beat and pump blood through said artery.  Of course you can't ask them a damn thing because they're not a doctor and qualified to tell you.  Anyways, turns out my leg looks good and no signs of clots.  Good!  So I guess as it stands now, I'm going to have to watch my foot and keep an eye on it if it takes a turn for the worse.  It's just such a pain in my ass though, let me tell you.  The one nice thing is that I'm back at the gym this week.  I did spinning classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and my foot/toe was good.  Today I did some outdoor yoga and tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'm doing but I'll figure it out tomorrow morning.

Anyways, apart from the foot drama, I'm well.  Jeff is doing well.  He went to cross fit once this week and has been a cripple ever since.  So happy and proud of all the word and effort he's putting into it.  It'll pay off in the end :)

I think we'll go to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning then maybe head up to visit Alex up in Orillia.  Sunday I've got two dog walks that I'm doing as a favour to my petsitting job boss.. the woman working this weekend can't make those two visits on Sunday so I'll do them for her.  Monday, who knows.  It'll be a nice relaxing weekend I hope.  Ciao! :)

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