Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's feeling like Fall and we're only 3 days into September.. what the ???

The best thing I've heard in quite some time..... There is awareness, then comes forgiveness, then the third step is to make a change.  Changing the actual thought.  So simple, yet makes SO much sense, doesn't it?

This past weekend was a long weekend.  Friday night Bruce came by for a bit.  Saturday we went up to visit Alex for a bit.  Sunday, I did two dog walks as a favour for my boss because the weekend lady that was scheduled had something going on Sunday afternoon.  Jeff came along with me and dropped me off to go geocache while I was busy for an hour.  I can't remember what we did the rest of the afternoon.. I think Bruce came over for some dinner and to chill afterwards.  Monday was a lazy day although we did go out for an adventure in the car looking at spiffy homes and just out and about.

I'm pretty devastated as I write this.  My watch is gone.  Poof, just gone.  So upset right now and I've been looking for close to an hour.  So. Bummed. Out. Doesn't even begin to describe it.

I guess I'll write again tomorrow, totally not in a writing mood anymore......

Adding in some pictures from the last week/half week....

SELFIE!!! lol  In the elevator at work

Fresh flowers I bought at the market on Saturday morning

Quincy, one of my two dog walks on Sunday

Love this little snap shot of us :)

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  1. Love the selfie and Quincy of course!! So since I can't reply to your comments straight from my blog, I'm posting here to say that I am thinking about you!! And if you ever want to talk a bit more, just shoot me an email. You can always vent to me! Sherman and I send lots of love. ~Tiff


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