Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Deep denial that Summar is long gone...

Yep.. denial over here, a river that runs in Egypt, right?  Man are the mornings ever chilly and it gets real cool at night.  Even the daylight seems to be dwindling much, much quicker this year than it normally does. Maybe it's just my imagination, but who knows.  I'm in denial about Fall because that means that Winter is on the horizon and our winters typically can go anywhere from October to May....Which if you're me, isn't cool because I'm cold on the warmest of days, but put me in Winter makes me a frigid, frigid person.  Like, can't warm up my hands, my feet or my nose... And perpetually wearing a sweater.  Oh and did I mention that at work, on my floor, there tends to be pockets of warm and cool air and I reside in a cold pocket, where we constantly play games with the thermostat.... I guess it doesn't help matters my desk lines a the windows that line the entire building.  Gorgeous view, but at a cost.  I won't complain about the view whatsoever, but damn I wish I was warm-blooded and not a god damn lizard. LOL

So what's up?  It's Tuesday.  We're off to a Leafs game this evening courtesy of Jeff's workplace giving him free tickets.  We also surpassed the two week mark looking after my mom's dogs/house sitting, which means as of today, only 12 days left.  I think, as much as my mom is having a good time away with my step-dad, she'll be happy to be back home, away from family drama and bullshit over there.  For the amount of shit that my mom does and goes out of her way to do, they've been treated pretty sub-par by family they're staying with over there.  It's really too bad.  My mom has been Facetime'ing me from England, though, I showed her how to do it on her IPod, so she called nearly every day or every other day.  So far yet so close, you know?  And it's nice that she's able to see the dogs too while she's away. 

I found the below image on Pinterest... God I love that site but I try and stay away, you can lose HOURS upon HOURS surfing that site... And I just don't know how people literally get tens of thousands of pins.. Don't you have to be on Pinterest 24/7 for them to accumulate that much?!!  Anyways, I think it's a cool website nevertheless.  I wish it was around when I was planning our wedding, although I compiled my very own scrap book of ideas whilst planning so that's besides the point.. But it would have been cool and I think at some level a bit overwhelming with just the sheer number of ideas .....

Apparently it takes more than a day to write out a blog. Yesterday escaped me and here we are and it's Wednesday now.  Oh well.  C'est la vie. 
I'm training a new admin at work and it's been SWAMPED, in addition to the normal crazy work load.  Couple all that and my boss was away for a week because her MIL passed away from COPD, the same disease that my MIL has.  Oh did I mention she still smokes?  I suppose that's her business but it's just a shame.. I guess when some people get a diagnosis that is effectively a death sentence down the road, they figure what's the point?  Not my life, my choice, but she definitely knows all of our stances on the matter.  Hell, Jeff, his brother and I all quit smoking nearly two years ago and it hasn't been easy but we've stuck to our guns.  Life is way, way too short.
Me and my cuddliest hehe

Mr. Jones, one of my mom's dogs
 And the rest are a few pet clients that I had visits with last Sunday.  Enjoy!

These two were adorable!

FRIENDLIEST Siamese on the planet.  These two are precious

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