Friday, September 13, 2013

The last week in Pictures

Last weekend was pretty busy.  Did the month's shopping at Costco, other groceries, Dog Festival, Dinner at my mom's the day before I took her to the airport for her month long trip to England with my step-dad, which means that Jeff and I moved in to look after the house and her dogs.. It's been a busy week, tiring... But it's been alright :)  Here are some photo highlights:
LOL beinf Johnny-poser

Just dropped off the parents at the airport.  Used a new Photo App that I LOVE!!!!
Miss Delilah, my mom's rescue Bichon
This is Minnie, the feisty love-bug :)

Oh poor Charles.. Life is rough lol
And just for fun...................

watching nothing.

Eating: Nothing at the moment but I intend to make some oatmeal in a second, along with coffee..Mmmmm!

Listening to: The Neighbourhood - Afraid - LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Wearing: Jeans (casual Friday), green tank and black button-up sweater over top.

Feeling: Good but a bit tired today.  Ready for the work-week to be ovah!!

Looking forward to: Being done with the work week and getting to my dog and cat visits with my petsitting job this weekend.  Also looking forward to getting the dogs blessed tomorrow at a Dog Festival.. We're not religious but I thought it was a cool idea. :) Jeff is making ribs for the first time so that should be yummy too.. I say that while thinking "Lindsay, you want to go vegetarian, right?!".  I also am going to try my hand at making some quinoa dish this weekend at some point...


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