Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Friday Peeps, let's all rejoice!

Longest week EVERRRRRRRRRRR!  And most stressful and brutal.  I've been the subject of being people's punching bags this week and it hasn't been welcomed or appreciated NOR fun.  Work has been off the charts busy.  Coupled that with my crazy aunt who's life revolves around the internet and it's connectivity and jesus Christ god forbid the internet goes down, she won't even say hello or how are you, just "Can you look at the internet to see what's wrong with it? Its been down alllllllllll day!!" Lady, we work.  We get up after 5 am, I have a whole spectacle to put on with four dogs in dog, trying to get ready for work and make lunches, head to work, I commute 2 hours a day, and then by the time we get home, she's got a list of shit to do... Like lady, really there are better ways to go about ASKING (not telling) to get things done.  Number one, ask us.  Don't leave notes, don't freak out, cry...  Ugh it's just been so much fun there.  Not only is she fully capable of looking after my mom's dogs when she's away, she just simply WON'T do it.  After everything my mother has done for her, too.  She can't even use Oliver, bless his soul, who passed away a year ago yesterday.  He was insulin dependent, had seizures.. very sick little boy in the last year of his life, so I get that THAT was too much for her, but she literally has no fucking excuse now.  We just feel like we're utilitarian to her and it's just sad.  She doesn't do jack all day and then when we come home, we're supposed to jump when she says go.  Really inconsiderate and rude, and she even yelled at me this week when she was mad.. And I was trying to help her!!  Anyways, enough ranting, we have 9 days left.  A week Sunday we pick my mom and step dad up again and we'll be so grateful for that, I can't even tell you.  We need a vacation from the last 4 weeks (when all is said and done).

Tomorrow, we have Jeff's work golf day followed by dinner at his Boss's house, which I'm looking forward to.  Despite having done a pump class today, I don't think I'll be able to swing a club tomorrow but that don't matter, I can't play worth shit so it's all good.  It's all in good fun though and our stomachs hurt at the end of the day because we're laughing just so much.

Sunday is the cancer fundraiser for our dog groomer's son who lost his entire arm.  He has had an arm transplant which has accepted and taken, which I think is so damn cool.  His father got a tattoo on his shoulder that resembles his son's scars from the amputation and then re-attachment of the donor arm.  I'm so excited to meet him again. 

Anyways, that's all folks. Have a great weekend :)

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