Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Weekend

So, we're into our second week at my mom's house while she's away in England globetrotting.  I've spoke with her a couple of times on Facetime with her on her iPod, which is pretty cool considering she's thousands of miles away across the Atlantic ocean. 

We also said goodbye to Jeff's parents for three months while they're in Florida.  They came over last night and had dinner with us and left before sunrise this morning to get a jump on traffic going through Toronto.  It was nice to spend some time with them albeit short.  My MIL also enjoyed seeing my aunt's two dogs, one that's almost a replica of THEIR dog.
I worked this past weekend gone, I can't tell you how much I walked or cumulatively how many hours it was but I did a lot of dog walking.  I even took one gal (Lacy)out running before bed every night.  :) 
This Thursday, we're attending this short seminar on nutrition that Jeff's crossfit box is putting on.  Nothing planned for Saturday but Jeff is heading up north to do a shooting competition and because I'll be on my own I decided to pet sit that day and help out my boss there.
I did a body pump class today that kicked my ass.. Man I love working out!  Here are some pictures from the weekend... Enjoy!

Ragdoll Beauty, Thai
Miss Gabby
Mia & Gabby
Awesome, right?  We're King and Queen of retarded pictures lol
Mr. Guinness

Driving around... Weekend was full of driving and walking k9's
My red and black quinoa dish that I made
Roasted Red pepper hummus dip that I made

Artsy fartsy picture of Amber
Charlie... so tired!
Delilah giving her stink eye lol
Quincey Jones
during body pump selfies lol


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