Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sunday morning thoughts...

So I originally started writing this from the gun club... We went up north yesterday morning for Family Day at the range. But then.... The day escaped me and its now Sunday morning lol. 

I'm 8:45 am and I am sitting out on my balcony enjoying a coffee, debating on whether to go to a yoga class this morning.. I think I will go, actually.
I miss by dogs (random I know) but they're at my moms this weekend since we were going to be all over the bloody place. :( 

Some pictures of the two home I helped out petsitting this past week, some of us messing around in the car, at the range and my new kicks I got on the way back from the range yesterday. So stoked because I've needed new ones for ages but just haven't gone out there and tried anything on. 

I should be off! Who knows what today shall bring!! Ciao! 

Score! Very much needed new kicks!! 

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