Friday, March 14, 2014

My week...

So we were touched with a glimpse of Spring on Monday and Tuesday and lo and behold, most of the Eastern seaboard got dumped on Wednesday.  I'd been covering my work mate all week since she was away in Lake Placid and subsequently called in sick on Wednesday because she got a concussion doing ski jumps (*Shakes head* with no helmet) and so because I had worked through lunch on Wednesday (Note: Lindsay didn't get to go the gym on Wednesday *insert sad face here*), I decided to leave early because it was snowing like an SOB, I couldn't see much of anything outside the window, roads were terrible and already on the rail lines I was noticing several track switch problems because of the snow accumulation.  I was like F this, packed up my shit and left for the 2:30 bus home, full well knowing that it would take forever to get home but certainly better than waiting around all day and waiting for it to get worse.
Not long after I set foot outside in that mess did I slip and fall on my knee, banged it pretty good, recovered from a more bruised ego of falling on my knee and by the time I go to Union Station, I noticed that I had ripped my pants (GRR!!) and coming through said pants was blood.  And thick, yucky blood.  Ugh!  So I ended up getting on the bus and then once I sat down, unzipped my boot and revealed my bashed, gnarly looking knee.  And here is what it looked like:

As you can see above, this is Day 2.  Doesn't look nearly as bad as it feels but that's on the account that I keep peroxiding the shit out of it.  I expect a bruise to come out still but man does it hurt like a mother.  Frankly I'm surprised I didn't crack my head open because I'm such a clumsy person. 
And of course, a few obligatory dog pictures.  With Jeff is Lily and Stella, our friend's Bichons that lives downstairs in our condo building.  We often look after them, kidnap or my mom takes them.

And of course, Baxter laying on his back, happy and smiling :)

So today, we have a department Pot Luck luncheon, which we usually have every few months, which is nice.  So that's two days down this week I haven't made it to the gym, but I did go Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and yesterday.  I'll be going tomorrow and possibly Sunday too, just for good measure. 
My Momma is home from the Dominican.  I always miss her like crazy while she's away.  She's a bit relieved to be back as well because my Aunt got sick down there and ended up in the hospital for 2 1/2 days.  That's a whole other eye-rolling story that I don't care to journal about.
Here's to a good Friday!  TGIF!! <3 p="">

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