Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend pics and the fun that was had... OooOooHhh... Not that exciting, trust me..Lol

This past weekend was another nice and relaxing one.  Jeff went up north late on Thursday night I guess it was, for the weekend to participate in another tournament (they're monthly).  Friday I had work and a pot luck at lunch with my department, which was really nice.  We try and have those every few months and it's just nice to be able to relax, chat and not necessarily about work shit.  Friday afternoon was spent feeling full and uncomfortable (lol) and then I went home for the evening and had a friend come over and visit for a bit.  God my memory is getting foggy at the moment, it feels like a century has passed since last week. 
Saturday morning, mom and I made plans to go to the gym and I did a Bodypump class for an hour, while she did her own thing, had a shower and then afterwards, we went back to my place and grabbed the boys and my lunch (leftover stirfry and couscous from the night before) and off we went to my mom's house for the afternoon.  We went grocery shopping, the boys played with mom's dogs, mom and I watched the boob tube and I also did some laundry (oh so much fun, don't you agree? lol).  Went back home around 7 ish and then went down around 8:30/9 to Dina's for some Chinese food.  After we ate, we went back upstairs to Jeff and I's and we watched Old Boy.  I loved the movie so I made Dina watch it as well. 
Sunday morning, got up and got ready for the gym, had a shower afterwards then mom and I went to the mall so that I could make my pants that I busted up the previous Wednesday from falling into shorts.  We went into a couple of stores and an hour later, Mom had bought me 3 dresses (one of which I probably would not have picked let alone try on, but glad I did), a flowy top and two tank tops.  Mom's are AWESOME!!  After that, I went home and cleaned some, vegged some with the dogs and Jeff got back home around 7 p.m. just in time for dinner.

This week has been busy.  Yesterday I was supposed to leave early from work but as it happened, we both ended up taking the day off because of some bad news about his mom we got on Monday night.  Yesterday was spent figuring out logistics of his mom and the hospital and getting our car into the shop earlier than we had planned (Friday was the day it was going to go in) but given her state, we wanted the car to be safe... so there went nearly $1,700.  *faints and has heart attack*

More later.....


Having technical difficulties with the pics...Will update that later

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