Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The last 5 days or so in pictures... or mostly pictures..

My super impressed face last Thursday evening after being stuck on the train for more than an hour.  A track maintenance vehicle had derailed when it hit a snow drift and was obstructing our passing.  So we had to wait, and wait...

My Friday night visits... Nothing too crazy, just a couple of visits.  Toby is an old boy, a Pomeranian that is insulin dependent and he actually gets excited to get his needles because he knows that he'll get a treat afterwards.  It's adorable :)

This beautiful Dalmatian, my first that I had ever met (I met the family and Ziggy last Wednesday night, they invited me over to meet him before they were actually going away and wanted to ensure that we were all good and Ziggy was behaved). 

Hamish, aka Ham, aka Barky McBarkerton.  Loves to bark this boy, he's so comical.

This is Parker, a four year old Standard Poodle.  Very sweet boy, attentive and affectionate as you can see.

Parker lives with Stanley and he is a big version of my mom's dog, Quincey.  Very sweet, loving and calm.  The Standards share the house with Harlow, an old Golden Retriever and she's just a darling.  Great pack in this house hold.

Here's Ziggy on Saturday afternoon at my second and last visit.  His pet parents were only gone for the day and back in the late afternoon.  Such a smooth, soft coat and a sweet boy, complete opposite of the Dalmatian stereotype.

And here's Mr. Jagger, the only Greyhound I've looked after (well he had two sisters, Sunshine, she passed away last year at the age of 11 and they had another female that the owner was fostering but she was returned to the breeder for reasons I don't feel like posting) and I always look forward to seeing him when I see him on the schedule.  He gets super excited when you walk in the door and likes to jump up and give you kisses but because of his long snout, he can poke you in the eye or bop you in the face and I've got a bloody nose before - totally my fault), but I know how to handle him now.  He's just a sweet boy, and really beautiful to watch, he's like a small horse.

This would be Hamish again, as I mentioned above.  He's about 11 I think.  Still very energetic, bouncy and zest for life.  Loves going for walks. as you can see from his happy face.

And here's Quincy, I've posted pictures of him many times in the past.  I look cold on the right, right?  So sick of winter.  It's been long, cold, up, down.  It was -20 yesterday morning walking to the train at 6:30 am.   And then getting on the train that had NO HEAT but still ran anyways.  So an hour to union in -20 temperatures (without wind chill) and no heat.  Wonderful.

All of the above are Charlie, a 4 month old kitten that's like my Charlie but in a cat suit.  Total love bug, purrs like a well seasoned truck and follows you around like a dog would.  He was so, so incredibly sweet and loving.


  1. Wow, that's a LOT of dogs!! Looks like fun!

    1. It's so much fun, that's why I do it. I work in downtown Toronto at a regulatory agency during the week and one weekend a month (sometimes more if I pick up a weekend or people are sick) I pet sit/dog walk. I love animals and it's cool because I get to meet different breeds I've never met before, like Leonbergers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dalmatians, etc. I love it and I hope to one day quit my "real" job and do this every day. It's therapeutic AND fun. :)


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