Monday, June 25, 2012

Had an amazing weekend.  It was my weekend dog walking/pet sitting and as such, I had 4 dogs and 5 cats.  I had one cancel, the cairn terrier.  But I did have three Greyhounds I was looking after and man oh man, what magnificent creatures they are.  You can see the muscle structure in their legs, their veins...the gallop and gait that they have that is ever so graceful considering just how tall and long they are.  Instantly the second I walked in the door I was jumped by Jagger and got kisses in the face, along with a nose snout in my eyeball. LOL.  Then I look just beyond him and there's two silently wagging tails in the living.  I was expecting one. Not two, just the one.  What a great experience that way and to boot, I took Jagger out on his own but when I came back and was about to take the girls out together, oh no, Jagger had other plans so we ALL went for a walk.  Strong dogs but they're smart and they listened (I'm sure it helped that they have obedience titles too!).  Beautiful dogs and wonderful that this woman has taken in those dogs.  Once living a life of racing and having the scars to prove it, they definitely have a better life with their Mom in their forever home and they're definitely cherished.

Apart from my exciting weekend doing that, Alex came down on Friday for a visit and he's still there this morning, I'm sure Charlie has him anchored to the couch as he snoozes.  :)  Baxter, well he's just happy to have a living body home and around to keep him company.  But he's indifferent.

Friday night we had delish Mexican.. Man that is some damn good food at that restaurant.  Greg came over on Saturday and we all went down to Yorkdale mall for a bit.  I got me a couple of tank tops from Bench, all the while Jeff tried to get pics of this Snooki looking character in the mall.  LOL. 

Sunday morning, in between house calls, Jeff and I walked over to Fairy lake and I did another Sunday morning Yoga in the park, which was exactly what I needed.  Here are some pictures from Lululemon that puts on the event.

I'm in the green tank in the right forefront.

Isn't it wonderful how many people come out for this?

And again.
 This upcoming weekend is the Long Weekend and I haven't a clue what were doing, if anything.  Tomorrow, Kristen graduates from grade 8 so Jeff will be heading up to that.  Our 4th wedding anniversary is on Thursday as well.  I'm sure we won't be doing anything as we can't really afford it but that's okay.

Have a great week! <3

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