Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...Gotta get down, it's Friday... Oh dear God, I'm singing Rebecca Black.  How can this be.  Almost as bad as singing "Boyfriend" by Bieber in my head.  Although, with that kid, I have to admit, I did watch his movie after much shit talking and I was left speechless at just how talented he was, even as a child.  He's definitely got talent and you know what? If he can make shitloads of cash doing what he's doing at the tender age of 17, why the hell not?  His fame isn't going to last forever so he's taking it to his full potential and running with it.  It's really incredible how much money that kid has made and the worldwide hysteria.  Anyways, enough Justin Bieber, really.

I've got Mia and Monty this weekend, the wee cat that has heart attacks, the poor thing.  Tomorrow morning after my 7 am visit with Mia and Monty, going to go back home and walk to the farmers market with Jeff and likely a coffee in hand.  Sometime tomorrow we're going to try to make it down to the Beaches, Cherry Beach where they have an off leash dog park on the beach. 
Sunday there's Canada day festivities on Main Street, plus I've got the cats.  And Monday I plan on visiting Sheila and all her dogs.  Need to get me some Ella time in :)

So should be a good weekend, I'm looking forward to it and it's supposed to be really hot out.

Have a great one :)

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