Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My long weekend was exactly what I needed and then some, perfect weather and all. 

Friday, Alex came down later on in the evening after dinner. 

Saturday morning came along and I woke at dawn and went to feed Mia and Month in Aurora, as well as giving Mia her life saving medicine.  Afterwards, went back home and made some breakfast for us all and then by about 10 I declared that the day was getting on and that I wanted to get on it and head out to the Beaches dog park sooner rather than later because it was going to be a hot day.  What a fun day it turned out to be.  The dogs had a lot of fun, neither one of them fussing with any of the dogs much, just thrilled to run around in the sand, rocks and water.  Was so glad they went in on their own, too.  I tailed Baxter while Jeff tailed Charles.  I thought maybe Baxter had perhaps cut his toe or foot on some of the sharp rocks and that sand had penetrated it, so I picked him up and rinsed him in the water and then carried him out of the park and onto the boardwalk.  I met up with a co-worker while I was down there and she was able to meet the pups too.  Greg and Alex came along too.  Then we parted ways as I thought it'd be a wise idea to head home and let the dogs snooze.  So I left them be for an hour, then I decided it was time to bathe them and get them looking back to white once again.  Needless to say, they were sleeping for the balance of the evening and even into the next day, only briefly waking to come out and say hello or come out for food or if they smelled food. :)  Sunday involved heading out to Main Street to check out some of the local vendors and possibly the beer tent.  While Main street was polluted with people (and dogs, which I might add was too hot for them to be there, but hey!), I saw my petsitting boss (and subsequently got a photo of us taken together too - not sure who took it though?), we saw my mom, aunt and step-dad there as well.  The beer tent was polluted with people early and the line to get into the beer tented area was winding.  We walked around for a bit, grabbed a bite to eat.  And then walking back up the street about to head out, I zoom in on a BABY 9 week old Harlequin Dane with the loveliest prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen.  She was a darling.  She had weighed 21 lbs, gaining 7 lbs from a week before.  Girlfriend is going to be huge, she had massive paws on her.  I just loved gushing over her, I was literally just a smiling awe of a mess. lol.

Later on that evening, we walked over to Richardson park so that we could watch the fireworks, which actually was a great display.  We joked afterwards that our taxes are going to go up now.  I met a new friend there named Piper.  He's a 2 year old Bichon that lives just down the street from us.  What a laid back little guy, and he didn't mind the fireworks one bit! 

Then comes Monday, our statutory holiday as the previous day was Canada Day.  This morning we slept in just a bit and didn't do too much.  I had to return some keys for pet sitting, I went to visit my friend Sheila (aka the one with four dogs, particularly little Ella, the English Bull dog.  Man she's grown!  And her and Godfrey, the frenchie, had a scrap as to who could get the most attention.  They actually had to be seperated lol.  Funny kids.

And then, this morning around 2 am I awoke, stomach grumbling, only to know what's going to come along.  Man was I ever sick this morning.  Been feeling like crap ever since then, really.

Anyways, that's all for today.  The end. <3

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