Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So I met this wonderful person today by chance at my doctor's office.  I didn't really want to go to the doctors but had to go because self-diagnosing is no good and as useful and helpful of a tool that the internet and Google is in this day in ages, it can frighten the shit out of you.  A friend of mine and I and a couple of ladies were chatting on the train home last week and one was telling me about their step-daughter who was going through some rough times.  I can relate with her because I've also been where she is and have felt the things she's felt, when some days facing the world seems like an impossible task.  It really just broke my heart when my friend was telling me about her.  So anyways, today I went to the doctors and low and behold there was my friend and her step-daughter.  I spoke with them for maybe 5-10 minutes and I really felt like she touched my soul, like this really intimate connection and I think she felt it too because as we talked, she was nearly in tears.  Poor poor girl, it really breaks my heart to see someone hurting and feeling like they're all alone.  I've been there. Hell, I still have bad days.  But anyways, I really don't want to talk about her too much, but I think we're going to become real good friends. She's such a beautiful woman and she doesn't even know it.

This Saturday we're taking the dogs dock diving again, more like Baxter will go and Charlie will be on the dock being a mouth piece barking away all cheeky-like. LOL

Sunday morning, of course I look forward to yoga in the park... I think I may bring that girl I described above, get her outside and breathing some warm, fresh air in the park.

Gotta run, dinner's on.  Then yoga tonight. Peace xo

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