Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things I'd like to mention, in no particular order of importance:

- Some people should not be able to procreate.
- Some people should not drink.
- Some people need not to be so hypocritical.  Pot, meet kettle. 
- Oh and it really, really hurts when you think I care more about the dogs than I do you.  Come on, seriously? 
- Some people find it necessary to post every little detail about their relationship on facebook.  There's no need to tell your bf or gf something on their wall when you're sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THEM.  People like that need validation in their life. 

- It's almost the weekend again.  Hallejuiah to that.

Saturday we're taking the dogs up to the pool again and see if they can wow us again.  I fully expect to be once again amazed by Baxter.  Charlie, we'll see.  He's a mouthy one, so we'll see if he'll want to get in the water.  Later that evening, we're heading up to the Nottawasaga to celebrate Jeff's parents 40th wedding anniversary.  Ja's been a complete douchebag trying to get this plan together.  What else is new, I suppose.  Ja just likes to make it about him and likes to hear himself whine and complain.

Sunday morning I'm doing yoga in the park, as usual.  Love feeling the wind blow over me ever so softly..its very relaxing.  Later on in the afternoon, Mom's having a BBQ that we'll be heading over to.

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