Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some pictures from our swimming/dock diving day this past Saturday. 

Charlie did amazingly well with his jacket on, confident puppy = a happy puppy.  If he wasn't using his tail as a rudder, it was wagging as he swam :)

How can you not love these two?  Baggy with his afro that he's managed to keep dry and then there's disheveled Charles, dripping wet lol

Three Stooges - Lily, Charlie and Baxter :)
Had a great weekend.  Saturday morning at the pool, then home, then shower, bath the dogs, then Mom's to give Oliver meds, then up to Willow Beach to meet with the ladies I used to work with at Stokes about 12 years ago.  Very cool and awesome to reconnect.  After all this time, we've still managed to all keep in touch and it was a great afternoon.  Came home for dinner and chilled with Jeff and Alex (who came down).  Sunday morning was yoga with Jenn Pike in the park and boy, let me tell you, it was stifling hot out for 9:30 am.  After that class, swung home and then we headed up to Lagoon City to Alex's so we could hang out on the boat for the afternoon and we did just that.  I'll post some of those pics when I get them up.  Awesome afternoon with the albino kids trying to get sun on the bow of the boat aka Greg and I.  Dare I say I got some sun but didn't burn my ass off.  Then we headed back into the lagoon say around 6 and had a wonderful steak dinner, just the four of us with Alex's dad, Ron.  Perfect end to a great weekend.

Now it's Tuesday.....

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