Friday, July 6, 2012

What is it about short weeks that are so exhausting? Is it because you have that extra day of shit to make up for that you don't actually have? Everyone is tired here at work this week, myself included. My calves have been screaming at me all week. Been at the gym every day, some days even twice if you count going to yoga at night, too. Last night I did my first night of "energy exchange" at YS. In exchange for 4 hours of my time per week, I get an unlimited yoga pass that's worth $140 per month. How frickin' cool is that?!? I think that's more than fair and since I like cleaning because I'm a weirdo like that, it's perfect for me because it's just light cleaning - some vacuuming, some light mopping... Really easy shit. I'm beyond stoked about that and extremely blessed and grateful.


This has taken me a bit to write. I just got back from a core class and a kickboxing/martial arts class and that kicked my behind.

What is it with people and apparently failing to look at themselves in the mirror before they leave home? Whether it's visible panty lines (awful ones, at that), or wearing pattern or stripey underwear whilst wearing white or wearing something completely inappropriate, or women pairing tights with everything and not realising that most of them are SEE-THROUGH. I don't even so much as like them on me, even at the gym, but I'm not parading around in tights so everyone can stare at the cottage cheese on my ass. And I've come to the conclusion that 99% of women have cellulite, no matter how thin or big you are. My ass has gotten smaller lately, I think.

Can't wait to get into the pool with the dogs tomorrow morning.

Here's a few pictures Alex took last weekend. xo

Sleepy puppies after we went to the beach

Canada Day fireworks...getting eaten alive by mosquitos.


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