Thursday, June 21, 2012

In 1974, Daphne Sheldrick rescued a minutes-old baby Rhino, still in his fetal tissue, because it's Mum had been frightened off by a tourist van. On June 4th, quite possibly the oldest Black Rhino on the African continent died at the age of 38, "killed by a spear wounds for the myth held by Far Eastern races that rhino horn is a cure-all and an aphrodisiac, despite being simply compressed hair th...e same substance as a finger nail. If the Chinese, Vietnamese, Thais and Indonesians chewed their fingernails, they wouldnt have to cut them, and would therefore be ingesting an identical substitute. But, how does one change the mind-set of 2 billion people who through ignorance threaten the very existence of this iconic species who has trodden the earth unchanged for 60 million years?"

Rest in peace Hoshy ♥

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