Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life is... up and down. Funny how that is, eh? One minute things can be great, and other times, I have fleeting moments of sadness or frustration or anger. But it fades, doesn't it? Somehow, it always does and happiness is always restored.

We had such a fun weekend last weekend. We took the dogs on Saturday morning up to Alliston to play around in the pool at farm where there's agility, a dog pool, and there's well over 60 dogs on the property, mostly all rescues but the woman ALSO breeds Golden Retrievers. We went a bit early to watch some of the other dogs, but in our 11:30 group were the boys, Lily and a Golden named Morag (oddly enough, my dogwalker/pet sitting boss's name - apparently a more common name than I had previously thought since we've heard it three times in the last couple of months)...anyways.... I knew from the get-go that the dogs weren't going to be leaping larry's into the pool like the waters are immediately drawn to water like it's the second nature. So I took with us the life jackets but knew that they would be least likely to want to try out the pool with it on because of the bulk of it. We had Charlie go in first, but the way Charlie is, he likes to do things on his own terms. So he was getting all mouthy, barking, growling, just playing around like a goofball and then he started shivering and shaking like a poor little boy. Charlie was pretty good, I was proud considering, but I knew in the back of my mind that my little man Baxter would be great. And sure enough he was. No fear at all, walked right in with some minor hesitations and was cool as a cucumber, I was so proud. The water was flippin cold though and I even had my shorty wet suit on.

So I talked to Jeff and he’s cool with us going back in July to fart around in the pool. Some of the small breed dock diving competitors want us to give them a run for their money and want us to get right into it… We’ll see though. Definitely good stimulation, exercise and fun for them both.

Afterwards, we took the wet/sleepy kids back home and set off to go to Woofstock downtown for the rest of the afternoon. Much fun was had by all, I’m glad we went on Saturday though, it was hella hot on Sunday. Too hot. So hot in fact two fucktards that attended Woofstock that went up to Vaughn Mills afterwards, decided to leave their year old Lab puppy in the car to die. Who fucking does that? Chances are, if you’re hot, your animal with FUR is hotter than hell, too. Unacceptable. I’ve been reading various reports in the media that she was an animal lover, worked at a pet store, rescued kittens in the past and it was just a mistake…blah blah blah. I don’t think so; that’ s just plain idiotic and wreckless and careless. Any intelligent pet owner knows better than that.

Well that’s all I’m going to write about for now. Housesitting a Springer Spaniel this weekend named Hamish. :)

Here’s some pics of the weekend.

Miss Lily


Take a guess which dog this is... lol Charlie

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