Monday, August 20, 2012

Been doing a few dog and cat visits, more dogs this weekend than cats, which its usually the opposite  I've had a German Short-haired Pointer on Friday night, she was a doll.  She loved getting hugs and body scratches all over, she was just a sweetheart.  But man, strong as an ox when I took her out for a walk.  Yesterday, I had some cat visits in the morning, a client I've been to before and the cats are more like 2 dogs running around at your feet, lol.  Then I went to a house with two Siamese.  Totally your stereotypical Siamese.  Standoff-ish, an air of snobby-ness.  Well, I never saw the one female until this morning and the other, Cinnamon, she was shadowing me like I was her prey, really checking me out and following me around all slinky and quiet like, but would piss off if I got too close to her.  Pretty things, though.  They take longer to gain their trust, that's all.  Then I had my regular Maltese visit at the retirement home.  Then I went to go meet Quincey, this adorable, spunky little Yorkie. He's 11 but you'd hardly know it.

I had a visit with a Wheaton Terrier in this gated community that I hadn't even knew existed prior to yesterday. Dog was really quiet, but he was an older Gent, still had a good trot to him when I took him out for a walk though.  I left after a half hour with that boy.

Saturday afternoon, in between the visits I had, we all decided to grace Bradford's Carrotfest with our presence, our being J and I, Alex and Greg.

Much of Sunday was spent just relaxing in between a couple of visits.  Jeff shot up to Barrie to give Caitlynn a birthday card and gift for her 15th birthday.  Can't believe that kid is that old, she used to be a wee thing when I first met her, my how time has flown.

I met to post this yesterday (Sunday) but got busy, obviously.

Have a great Monday and week :) xo

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