Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday morning write up ... :)

I just can't believe that it's August already, it feels like this past year has flown by it's incredible.  We've had a really good summer this year but damn has it ever been humid.  I've been working this weekend petsitting/dog walking.  This morning I was on the go from 7:30 am up to 12:15.  So to me, it really is a long weekend.

I'm writing this as I sit here on the couch with Jeff, Alex and Greg watching The Dictator.  I just got back from my last visit of the night.  The house is close by to where we live so we all ended up going out for a walk to get some exercise and plus, the boys got to meet Storm, so how could you beat that.

And here is another critter I had the privilege of meeting this weekend.  A pot belly piggy darling with the prettiest blue/grey eyes I've ever seen.  Naturally, this piggy loved his belly rubbed, what pig doesn't?  I just love how happy this little fella was, tail wagging and all.  I got some mucky/muddy nose kisses from her which I didn't mind in the least.  How could you with a face like that? :)

Now, this girl above is a beautiful princess and she bloody well knows it.  Such pretty colours, but man is she snarly when her sister comes around.  She's below.  Not sister has in litter mate, of course, obvi. because the kitty below is a Lilac point Siamese.  Very chatty when I'm doing up her food and much, much more affectionate then her compadre above.  Kitty above is nice to take pictures of, she likes to observe YOU but isn't as keen on the love like the girl below.

 LOL I can't forget Baxter, he's in one of his usual positions, tits up, all fours in the air and showing off his teef aka his smile.  LOL :) Makes me smile every time. :)

It's now Monday morning, the civic holiday Monday that most of the population has off.  I tell you, it's nice going out in town because everyone seems to have deserted the streets for the great north and cottage and vacations galore.  It's nice, it's very tranquil out in the mornings I've been going out to do my visits.

I have done 26 visits since Friday night and I've got 8 more to do between now and this evening, then I'm off until 2 weekends from now.

I'm currently sitting on out the patio with my love, my other love, Charlie and Alex is in a slumber inside.  Life is good.  Here's a recent picture of me.  Did I mention that I got an iPhone and it's less than a week old and I've taken over 120 pictures on it AND I'm totally addicted to Instagram.  It's the shiznit.

Have a lovely Monday everyone :)

;) xo

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