Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'd like to find a way to post blogs but also read the blogs on my reader and the Blogger App is garbage.  BlogPress I can't seem to find a good download, although I know most everyone and their brother with blogs uses BlogPress... I guess I can just suck it up....Must look into it.

Passed out on the couch last night somewhere in between 10:30 and 11 I think.  Woke up at 5 am on the couch and Jeff on the little couch.  Poor guy. LOL.  He wonders why I'm tired... Hmm maybe it's because I walk at least 5 kms a day, I did spinning yesterday at lunch and then I did a 75 minute yoga class last night and wrapped up my evening by taking the dogs out for a walk, too.  THAT is why I'm tired, my man.  Mind you, he also went for an hour and a half bike tour around Newmarket..but still.

Tonight I'm cleaning the yoga studio, as per my usual Thursday routine.  This weekend I'm working but looks like it'll be a light one, it'll be my least busiest weekend since I started with my Boss.

I've been reading a crazy amount of animal blogs where animals have been abused in horrific ways.. It's just so devastating.  I don't understand how people can do that to the innocent ones...In my opinion, people that harm animals are murderers in the making.  Something just isn't right in the brain if you think it's ok and acceptable to neglect, harm, abuse or mistreat an animal.  I wish we lived on a big property but then again I suppose that's probably a good thing we don't because I'm sure I'd be fostering and adopting many animals and I'd be constantly saying to Jeff, "Just one more, please?"  If it wasn't for the grace and love of some wonderful people that these animals are saved from the perils of their former lives.....

Skipping the gym today *gasp*, holy crap right? I'm meeting my good friend K for lunch outside, which should be nice considering it's supposed to be a gorgeous day out today.

That's all for now... :)  <3>

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