Monday, July 21, 2014

How is it Monday AGAIN, so SOON?

What a crazy busy weekend that was!  And drum roll... I came home from doing my last dog walk at 10:30 last night and ta-dah (!!), all of the laundry that I got Jeff to schlep upstairs as I left around 9:20 pm to visit Chelsea, the Pointer, was FOLDED.  He's never folded clean laundry!!!  I was in SHOCK!!!  It's the little things ladies that need celebrating.  LOL!  That was so thoughtful and nice, considering the day/weekend it was.

Sidebar:  Do you know what I hate most?  Fake people and users.  I say this as some bitch lingers near me at work.  I use harsh words because I'm still bitter and for the most part I've let it go, but it bothers me when you care more about people than they do you.  Especially when you need them and they're not there for you when you've been there for them.  Slap in the fucking face.  Moving along............

So this past weekend composed of 34 visits to homes with cats or dogs or both.  A tad insane but met many new dogs I hadn't met before, one being a beaut of a Great Dane named Diesel.

Some pictures from the weekend, starting off with Friday night at the dog park with Dina and her girls. 
 Next up is Nuca, the Burmese that loves roaming her backyard in the comforts of a leash.  She just likes wandering and smelling and just taking in the fresh air.  She's such a sweet girl.

On Saturday evening, I had two visits with a new client just outside of town and they have four dogs, three cats and laying chickens.  I wasn't to care for the chickens this time but just the dogs.  They have two Goldens, one Lab and a ....wait for it.... GREAT DANE.  *swoons and passes out*

Isn't he just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L?!?!  He's basically "Fawnequin", so a Harlequin but with brown spots instead of the black and white that the Harlequin is.  He's just a stunner.  I was so, so excited going to visit the house knowing what was going to be waiting for me on the other side of the door.  If you're new to reading this blog, Danes are my dream dog!! While I love my little white fluffs, Danes are my dream.



And this is Buddy

  An 11 year old Yellow Lab, who, as you can see, is not shy :)

 And then these last few are from my second and last visit in the evening with the Dane house.  See I'm even labelling the entire household now as the "Dane house" lol.

 I'm calling this one, "Is there someone behind me?"

And I just about died here... I became Diesel's personal sofa, which I did not mind in the slightest bit.  So just in my personal experience with him the one evening, I can tell you that there's something about Danes that's almost human-like.  I don't know if it's their need to be and feel close to you or the eyes... They're just so... I can't even put my finger on it.  It was wonderful and I didn't want to leave.

I believe this was Harp being a ham as I sat on the couch with Diesel and wrote a note to the family :) So flippin cute!
 And this would be Sammy... a wriggling Tabby, super friendly and happy as you can see.
And last but not least, Buddy again, walking himself :) 

 And just to highlight my clumsiness..... OW!

 And another example.... LOL  JESUS!!!


  1. I LOVE your adoration for furry friends - I think we would be fantastic friends! I have a massive troop at home - my absolute soul mates.

    PS I feel you about the fake people of the world!!!

    1. Hey love! Thanks for writing. I just ADORE animals, I can't imagine my life without them, it'd be an empty, sad place, that's for sure. I love pet sitting/dog walking because it allows for me to meet new animals and build bonds with all these beautiful souls and it's kinda neat too because there have been breeds I've cared for that I've never met before but only heard of, so that's kind of cool. My ABSOLUTE dream would be to work with elephants. The way I feel about them I just cannot put into words. It touches my soul talking about elephants and the same reality that every day many are being brutally murdered for basically the equivalent of finger nails. Makes me absolutely sick. Talking about elephants actually makes me cry, I'm such a sap.

      Fake ass people are bullshit and I've no time in my life for that shit. :)


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