Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm so frustrated with work lately.  I can't say that I've been this stressed or frazzled with this place in the entire 4 years I've been here but I can say that how it is today was not how it was when I came here in July of 2010.  I appreciate that we're busy and my boss is covering two jobs but by no means is it cool to throw people under the bus and/or blame them for things that SHE advised to do WEEKS ago.    It's just a shitty feeling when you feel uneasy about your job or uncertain where it's headed (lots of changes in the future for my place of employment) and just not trusted and being the scape goat for other people's errors or oversights. 

My tooth also broke on Monday night....on our way out to The Keg, of all places.  I lost a filling in my back molar and ironically the following day I had an already scheduled dentist appointment (thank heavens because drinking cold water was painful!).  Fixed that Tuesday after work which was fantastic since it was a bit uncomfortable drinking water due to sensitivity.  I hate anything to do with teeth, it's such a horrible pain tooth pain.  I've had so much work in my mouth that I literally just can't stand going to anything to do with my mouth.  We're talking extractions, braces (twice), periodontal skin grafts, wisdom teeth extracted, maxillofacial surgery (aka my jaw surgery "broken" and tweaked), visits to an endodontist from HELL.  That's why going to the dentist or anything tooth related is hell on earth for me.  If I can do without, please.

This Saturday is my mom's annual BBQ but I was just asked to help out with the Dane house (you know, the one I went to last weekend and fell in love with Diesel, the gorgeous boy?), which I initially offered earlier on in the week but the weekend was being covered by another member of our team.  Well, got a message this morning asking if I still wanted to help out with two visits at that home.  OF COURSE!!  So I'll be at the BBQ at my mom's but I'll have to step away for a bit to do their visit between 4:30 and 6:30 pm and then go back again for a bed time visit before the family comes home.  So stoked to see Guiness, Harp, Rosie and Diesel again.  :)

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