Monday, July 7, 2014

I got the weekday blues....

Most of my weekend was spent doing house visits to Audi's house and I ended up doing an extra visit on Saturday because (a) I don't mind, (b) I only live around the corner so it's really no trouble going up the road and around the corner to visit my girl, (c) I was concerned about her given how the beginning of the week with her was and her age and shit but she was the best I'd ever seen her from say Thursday night or Friday onwards, up until yesterday.  I did two visits with her yesterday before I headed up to Maplelane with Dina and Stella.  Audi's Mom and Dad were coming home in the early afternoon from Trinidad and I have to say I was relieved.  I was relieved last time I cared for her and they came home.  What a dear soul but man, it's hard on your heart and soul seeing her in the shape she's in.  It's so strange though, as stiff as her back end is, boy she lives for her stick to carry around and play fetch with.  And she likes when you try and pretend you're going to steal her precious stick.  When I see her being silly like that, it makes my heart burst.  She's still happy and mentally there, but it just sucks when you're body doesn't want to cooperate with your mind.  Bless her sweet soul though.  It wasn't easy but I was happy to make every visit and stay for as long as needed, 99% of the time longer than what I was paid for.  But like I said in my previous post last week, I really, really don't mind and I don't do 'this' for money. 
On Saturday in between visits, I saw my mom and her and I and my step dad went grocery shopping (since I had no wheels), I cleaned a bit, spent time with the boys, saw Dina's girls while she was out for the day. 


Early Saturday morning walk with my boys


  Audi barking/howling

 Just look at these cats.. happy as clams, just lounging in the lovely weather.  


And last but not least, here are the boys after coming home from Maplelane Farms yesterday where my boss hosted a "Customer Appreciation Day" and Charlie went swimming (all but his head got wet, Baxter barely got his toe nails wet LOL) and Charlie also did a luring track.  So henceforth why he's on his back in the picture with all fours in the air :).

Jeff came home somewhat early, which was a nice surprise.  I missed him this weekend.  As much as I love my space and time to myself, I do miss the guy.

Life is good, no complaints here other than HOLY SHIT SUMMER IS FLYING BY!!!!!  Why can't winter go by this quickly?!


  1. All your pets just look so happy!

  2. That's cause I'm caring for them HA HA HA jk. Most are happy creatures, I meet the odd one that is surly. Some cats I've looked after can be grumpy guts. Most dogs are great though. Met one that wasn't happy when I first met him ( a cane corso) and all it took was an introduction from the owner and he was putty in my hand. They're fiercely loyal and protective of their families. Someday I'll do this full time but for now, it's just on the side :)


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