Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day 2014

My Canada Day this past Tuesday involved going swimming, because it was just simply too hot to do anything BUT swim.  At our friend, Bruce's, of course. 

The pictures start the previous day where I did a double at the gym.. First I did a 45 minute BodyPump class and then had 20 minute break, which followed with a BodyShred Class.  I felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!  I was completely soaked but whatevs!  The pic to the left is me scarfing down a hard boil egg for some energy to get through the second class.

And of course, we can't do a post without including one or two pics of the fluffs.  This time it's my wee precious Baxter :)

Pool head                                                                                    

 On our patio  
 Poor little Baxter, just tuckered right out.  You know he's happy as a clam when he's snoozing on his back and you can see his little white teeth.  I call that Happy Baxter. :)
 And some more from Canada Day at Bruce's

I haven't been taking as many pictures lately because I've tried to limit my cell use, so that's why there aren't a trillion pictures. :)

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