Friday, July 18, 2014

Song of the Moment: Foster the People - Best Friend

Best compliment of the day: I have a nice butt! 

It's Friday peeps and for that, we celebrate.  Looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend.  I am working but that's okay because I'll be outside walking dogs mostly.  I actually have ZERO visits tonight, it's a bit unusual because since I started working for the company over two years ago, there's always been Friday night visits.  This is fabulous, considering I got up this morning at 4:50 am because I had to ensure I was in work early but factoring in also train delays and all that fun shit.

I just had a great workout... Did BodyShred and then CX Works afterwards.  Totally spent and drained now, but in a good way :)

I was looking after Kina a few days this past week, she happens to be one of my faves that we pet sit for.  She's a Husky that's a rescue.  She was left tied to a tree in Quebec outside the rescue shelter and abandoned for the employees to find the next morning.  She's just a gentle soul, she's one of a few dogs I've met before that I feel they can literally look into your soul..

And then... don't mind the old and outdated flower wallpaper, it's the bridal boutique where all the bridemaids got their dresses.  Don't I look super duper impressed?  LOL.  I love the dress and the colour especially.  :)  It's 22 days until her wedding.

And speaking of countdown, it's 54 days until we go to Barbados! WOOOOO!

Have a great weekend everyone ;)

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