Monday, June 30, 2014

Six years married.... Feels like yesterday. Time FLIES!

I worked today. What a weird day of the week Canada Day falls on this year. A Tuesday... So clearly there was next to no one at work today. This made for an enjoyable commute in, walk from Union Station and at work itself it was real nice and quiet. Regina brought her little girl, Sophia in. Such a pretty little girl, she has these massive eyes that are just so captivating. 
Got a bit done at work surprisingly, then I went and did a double work out. First I did a 45 min Body Pump class with Lianne, then a 15 min break, then a half hour of BodyShred. All my gear, soaked. My energy was lagging towards the end but so proud and happy I stayed.

Now I'm on the way home on an early bus. Since the roads are less heavy today, it means were flying right now which is just fine with me. 

Alex was supposed to come down tonight but who knows now.

I had a fabulous anniversary on Saturday! Woke up feelin blessed and loved, a bunch of flowers in my name and a lovely card from the man. We spent the morning at the strawberry festival (too many people and far too hot), then went out for a late lunch to a restaurant we've frequented before but hadn't been in years. Holy shit carb overload though, but damn so good.
Went home, napped with Jeff, enjoyed the rest Of our evening and then Sunday I chilled with Jeff, went berry picking wth my mom and just had a nice and relaxing ENTIRE weekend :)

Here's so photo imagery to go with..

And on my break during class today scarfing down some protein..


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