Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I cannot believe just how quickly the week is going by.

Boys for groomed yesterday. No trip to Nana's today (my mom) because she's starting to look after a Pomeranian and my dogs would be a bit overwhelming. Well sorry, my dogs but our neighbours, added to my mom's two and Toby. Too many dogs. And then tomorrow she gets another dog to look after for two weeks, a dashund.

Tomorrow he's going up north until Sunday. I have some shopping to do this weekend, for food and some clothing, I must make food for my work potluck on Sunday, clean, get Fathers' Day cards, a dress fitting for the bride of the wedding I'm in this summer, then lunch on a patio following (yay!!). 

Well it's near my bedtime (last night was 10:20 believe it or not, earliest in a LONG time). 



  1. I would go to bed early too if I had Charlie and Baxter to curl up with! :) Why oh why doesn't Dan let Sherman sleep with us? Party pooper.

    1. Jeff never wanted the dogs to sleep with us, meanwhile that's how I grew up. So try telling me we have to crate our dogs at night. Not happening. Sherm, is, also bigger than my fluff balls. LOL
      Miss you girl xoxoxxo


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