Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday's musings.....

My weekend was pretty chill, quiet because Jeff wasn't around, he was up north doing his monthly thang with his brother and father. 

I spent Friday night doing grocery shopping and not much else other than watching the boob tube.  Saturday morning I biked over to my mom's house to visit Toby, the Pomeranian that she's looking after (the one that I've cared for previously, visiting him at his house though) and then I also previously wrote that my mom was also looking after a crazy cute dachshund.  Cuteness overload at her house. I stayed for over an hour, then biked back home so that I could get dressed/ready to go out to look at a townhouse with our friend Dina.  We looked around at said house, drove around a bit and then settled on a late lunch at a place with a view like this:

Gorgeous view and the afternoon's weather improved greatly, the morning was pretty overcast and cool.  It almost felt like fall.

Left lunch, went home and then cleaned a bit before a friend and her boyfriend came over for a visit.  They stayed a couple of hours and then I went to sleep.

Sunday morning was uneventful.  Woke up, ate breakfast and showered so that I could meet up with the Bride who's wedding I'm part of in August for her dress fitting.  Her dress had finally come in and it was time for the first fitting and deciding what alterations needed to be made.  Gorgeous dress, beautiful bride, I just can't wait for the wedding.  Her bridal shower is actually coming up this Sunday at a fellow wedding party's mom's house in their backyard.  I'm hoping the weather cooperates and we can all be in the garden for the afternoon.  The shower also falls on my petsitting weekend but I've managed to cover from about 12 to 5 so that I'm free and clear to head on over to the shower.  I've got a ton of stuff to prepare:  lemonade, raspberry iced tea (all from scratch), fruit shish bobs, I've got to pick up some wild flowers.  I've already got my pseudo gift and card for her.  It's going to be a busy weekend.

Here are a few current pictures of the dogs:

Going down in the elevator to meet their gf                   My sunbeam, Charlie.  He loves the sun!
Lily for a walk

Oh and lookie here what I found:
This was the day that I picked my dress.  My mom actually wanted me to try on the dress and I was so glad that I did.  So pretty :)
 Here are a few pictures from my mom's camera that she took of the goats and of my four-legged kids mucking around at my mom's house.  Enjoy :)



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