Friday, June 27, 2014

It's slow at work.  Mainly because a handful are attending a social media conference until lunch today.  The other reason, people were smart and booked today and Monday off for a super long and nice long weekend.  Not I, my friends.  Wasted too many bloody days earlier this year being sick off my ass with those wretched evil pills that my body hated so much.  Which, I should mention, after time and healing, my legs have healed but there are definite scars from that shit.  I can't wait to see what the hospital says when I go for my appointment on August 6th.

So we're going to talk about my pet peeves, or things that irritate that fuck out of me.... Hehe

- I can't stand when people walk let's say four wide and every attempt to pass results in being denied. No spatial awareness or care for those around you.

- I don't appreciate when talking to someone if they stand mere inches away from your face. I don't need to smell your wretched breath thank you.

- it's widely known that I rarely get song with or make friends with females. I just can't stand the bullshit/drama/cattiness shit. Girls can be so awful, I find men on general dad more easygoing and to get along with.

- if you're going to use my supplies at work, fine but no need to steal my stappler. Go up to the fucking supplies room and get your own you lazy twat. 

- When you hold a door for someone, a simple thanks goes a long way. 

- know-it-alls. Can't get a word in edge wise so why bother wasting your time?

- people who press the elevator call button a bazillion times thinking it'll come quicker. It won't, so please stop. Lol

- condescending or people that go out of their way to make someone feel excluded of unwelcome... *ahem, this wedding*

- I can't stand it if I come home from pet visits all day and Jeff hasn't moved an inch. Shit everywhere, pop cans... Biggest arch nemesis. Pick up after yourself, it's not hard!!!

I'm going to end it by saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!! (Tomorrow)  

To end this on a good note, here are the puppies sunbathing and the second isbjeff walking the boys Nd girls this afternoon :)

and from a few nights when the kids came back from a puppy play date at moms house: 

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