Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Beautiful Day ...

At long last, the weekend is here.  I slept in this morning until 8:30, which felt glorious since I have been waking up all the past week at 4:45 am to head into work early.  It's been a busy week, hectic and lots of things going on, so I'm thankful the weekend is here for rest and relaxation and to recharge for next week.

On Monday night of this past week, Charlie seemed to have hurt his ankle, knee or hip. I can't figure out exactly where even despite giving him multiple deep tissue massages daily and coupled with the fact that he's his happy self and doesn't appear to be in pain.. except for the fact that he's limping.  Bichons do something called 'blitzing'.  It's like a random burst of energy where they run around on a rampage just having a blast.  It's one of the breeds signature "moves" if you will.  Here's a video of what I'm talking about (it's not my dogs, no):

Anyways, there was no moment where he hurt himself but he's been limping since.  I don't want to take to the Vet and don't feel the need to because I don't feel he needs steroids to heal anything, just time, massaging, confinement (crating) and he'll be just fine.  I don't want to pump his body full of unnecessary shit,  Second, I know it's not a luxating patella because he can move the leg...
and it bends and also, with every annual examination and since he was a puppy as a matter of fact, the vet has always looked at his limbs, joints and mobility and these things don't usually just pop up from out of nowhere.  Usually luxating patella issues are hereditary or you can usually detect the beginnings early on.  He's almost 8 so I'm sure he's getting a bit achy and  maybe a bit of arthritis, but heck, I'm not going to speculate myself into a worrying mess.  I also don't want to spend a crazy amount of money on an x-ray or taking him to a chiropractor when he has had no previous injuries and has been healthy throughout his life.  Of course that's not to say that if things took a turn or I thought it was really important to see a Vet that I wouldn't take him in.  I would.  I just think in this case he's just strained it and like humans, it's going to take time.  Hell, Jeff rolled his ankle almost 2 weeks ago and it's still healing.  Charlie is awesome though, happy and just a free spirit, you'd never know he was hurting.

This afternoon I did a monster of a shopping trip to get our monthly essentials from Costco, as well as at another grocery store.  This is what almost $550 looks like (granted the lamps were $90).  We do a bunch of our monthly shopping at Costco and get things like toilet paper, paper towel, organic ground beef, chicken, steak and a few other things.  We definitely don't go to Costco and leave with a cart of a shit that's laden with salt, sugar and/or fat.  People overindulge way too much and I think for many that go to Costco, their prime focus is to get their god damn samples.  FML.  Jeff normally does the monthly shopping trip at Costco on the first or second Friday of the month but I did it today with my mom while he's up north doing another shooting match and seeing his mom in the hospital (more on that).

So Jeff's Mom has COPD and she hasn't been doing well lately.  She's not on oxygen yet, I know that day will come and probably sooner rather than later, but she's weak and has zero energy and is probably sleeping more than she is awake.  She gets reprieve from the agony of breathing when she sleeps, I guess.  So over Christmas, she wasn't well and she was putting on a very brave face when she wasn't doing shit hot at all.  She's really good at hiding how she feels or when she's sick....And so this past week, she could barely walk and she wasn't eating so Jeff's Dad took her to the hospital and she's been there since Thursday on steroids and IV and getting some rest.  Of course she didn't want anyone knowing she was in there and she got mad when Jeff visited her Friday afternoon with his Dad.  She just has so much pride that she doesn't want anyone to see her weak and as sick as she really is.  She knows she's dying... Her father died of the same thing.  Jeff told me that today she's doing a bit better, but I know she'll be in til at least Monday as Jeff said that he was going to stop in to see her on his way home tomorrow afternoon after he's doing his match at the range.  It's really sad to see first hand just how much she struggles to breathe and just how much she tries to cover it up.  The poor woman is 90-some odd pounds and wasting away!

Tonight, I'm just going to make myself some dinner in a moment.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to the gym with my Mom to do a HIIT class.  I didn't do much today other than lug all that shit in from the car and I climbed 10 flights of stairs at our condo.  I didn't go to the gym on Friday either but whatever, I did three days in a row of BodyPump.

Some funny meme's I've seen this week:

 It's been bloody cold here, temperatures with the windchill have been -30.  UGH.  So when I saw the below meme, I had to post it on my Facebook.  LOL

And finally, some flashbacks:

Pic on the left taken 8 years ago.  Pic on the right is present day.  I haven't changed too much over the last 8 years.  I'm 31 years old now so that was 23... I do look more immature.

And another flashback... I like this quote.

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