Monday, January 5, 2015

It's a Monday and I am not a Work. SCORE!

I sit here from my comfy, warm living room on this freezing-ass day.  You see, Winter is now finally upon.  Enough joking around, he's here to stay now.  Oh and some other snazzy news: a garbage dump truck rear-ended our parked, unoccupied vehicle on the morning of Friday, January 2nd.  I was just about to leave with my mom to take a bunch of donations to the animal shelter, when we drove past the car and at a quick glance something didn't quite look right.  I asked her to loop around and sure enough, the god damn bumper was just hanging off the bloody car!! It was shocking!!  I didn't see it initially but there was a note left on the windshield with a supervisor's name, number, company name and a note to call them about my bumper.  It was a huge inconvenience but by 4 pm on Friday, we had our car in at the repair shop and had a rental and everything is covered until our car is ready for pick up.  We're extremely lucky they left a note, it would have been doubly shitty if it was a hit and run.

This past weekend I worked doing my dog visits/pet sitting.  I'll post pictures of that later or tomorrow.  For now, I'm going to relish in my day off before it slips from my fingers.....


  1. oh my word!!!!!!! sorry about your bumper! i am so glad that they left a note for you though! jeez!!!! id still be so peeved off though. urgh - hope you had a gorgeous day off work though xxx

    1. It was a giant piss off, let me tell you. But like I said, super fortunate the asshole left a note with contact details. Otherwise, we would've been buggered.

      It would've been more gorgeous had it not been freezing cold temps but alas, I digress. A day off is a day off... :)



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