Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Reflection on 2014 and what 2015 has in store....

You know what's funny and ironic?  You spend much of your teenage years (well I know I did) wishing you were just a few years older, more grown up, "cooler"... Yeah well the years FLY by when you're older.  I found that once I was in the real world working a full time job after completing 2 college degrees back to back, the time just began to slip through my fingers and I think most people feel it.  I know it certainly doesn't help that us North Americans seem to live that go-go-go life and it fucking sucks pardon my French.  It is what it is, I guess, such is life....

Moving right along... today is December 31st, the last day of 2014. The year has been full of news and events, highs and lows and much to be learned and employed for a new year, a happy and healthy one.

I finished up my last work out of the year. We were allowed to leave work at noon so I did just that. Sweat, shower and change then haul ass to the train for an early ride home. I managed to use 75% of my Lululmelon gift card. I bought expensive ass laser cut wunder under crop pant (been eyeing then for awhile now but thought $102 was a bit much) and a top that was on sale but has a  laser cut-out on the back side of the calf and a tiny bit of mesh. I love te mesh pair they made a year or so ago but for the use I put my workout gear through, I didn't want to risk it and put a hole through them while just putting them on. So sexy but impractical for me when I sweat my ass off every day. Perhaps if I was going to the gym to get a bit of a glow as opposed to an actual good workout in. The top I purchased what grey and had the same laser-cut on the back of the tank. I'm happy with what I got :)

Came home, ran some errands, did the last trip to the grocery store since everything is closed tomorrow. Our friend  Bruce is over and I'm making dinner so other than that, a dog visit to my pal, Toby's later, I think it'll be a relatively chill night. You know you're old when.. Lol 

My sweet love Baxter 

Little Toby... My little insulin patient this evening.

I'm off work until Tuesday but work my petsitting job Friday night too Sunday night.

I'll be back somewhere in the middle of then.

Happy New Years and be safe!! 


  1. It amazes me how much time seems to fly by now that I'm an adult. How does that happen!?

  2. Happy New Year Lindsay! Glad to hear you got some time off work!

    Hope you enjoyed the celebrations and have been having a lovely 2015 so far!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with me in my previous post - it was so lovely to see such amazing feedback and I was so touched by all the lovely words and messages received. What you have been through is incredible - well done for keeping strong. No one is strong all the time but I think you're an amazing person from what you've shown and shared on your blog.
    Your such a sweetheart and your words are very special to me. Thank you xxxx


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