Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well my weekend was uneventful.  I should have put up some Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree but didn't, so that's my job tonight.  Jeff has been sick all weekend.  Our friend that was supposed to come over on Friday night cancelled, she wasn't feeling well, which was just as well given that Jeff was on a decline.  He's been off work yesterday AND today and I'm so thrilled about that.  I have razorblades in my throat but look at me go, toughing it out at work.  Sometimes, you just have to, you don't have an option.  If Jeff gets sick, I think the world stops spinning on its axis, I swear.  I empathise, I do, but I get nothing when I'm sick.  Shit doesn't stop just because I'm sick, things still need to be done and food needs to be cooked.  There is, honestly, no rest for the wicked.  *deep breaths*
Saturday, Jeff was supposed to head down to Toronto with his friend but that fell through and his friend ended up coming over later in the day and had ribs for dinner with us. 
I cleaned a bit on the weekend, did some shopping and was generally way too lazy for my own good.
No gym for moi today.  While I'm feeling a bit under the weather, courtesy of my husband no doubt, I'm super busy at work and pissed off, frankly, that everyone comes to me to get shit done or for help.  So much incompetency it's fucking incredible.  I was going to go for my usual Tuesday class but I got pulled into shit at work and now, it just doesn't work in terms of time.  You know when you get right pissed off because you've been looking forward to something and it doesn't happen?  That's how I feel when I miss a gym day.  It infuriates me, actually.  Ugh.  Apparently the universe is trying to tell me to go to hot yoga tonight at 8:30.  But I've got Christmas decorations and the tree to do and this upcoming weekend is out the question because I'm working my dog walking/pet sitting jobbie. 
These two faces make my heart skip.

Lily, we had her most of Saturday

Our Sunday night. LOVE Scrabble.

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