Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Weekend and Stuff...

So I typed the below yesterday (Monday):

Why do I feel like I'm constantly this piece of shit human being that will never be good enough? Every time I have an argument with Jeff I go to the deepest, darkest place and literally cut myself down to shards?! It fucking sucks man.

Anyways... We were finally able to get most of the shopping out of the way, thank Christ. Hate crowds, hate the crazy  parking lots filled with angry people. 

Saturday night some pretty heavy shit went down.... Along the lines like my life could've taken a 180. So much to says I feel humbled and grateful.   

I didn't sleep Sunday, so if I'm not making much sense that's why. So exhausted I'm bordering delirium.

So on that note....

Old City Hall was looking pretty on Friday after work..

The CN Tower, just before boarding the train home, Friday as well.

My cuddlebum Charlie 

And here's a throwback to I would say....11 years ago.  Ah, young love. :)

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