Friday, December 19, 2014

Most people will be in and out at the office over the next two weeks, most out, but I am working, which is just fine because I've got some things I'd like to do without any interruptions.  Today we have my work Pot Luck and Dirty Santa Gift Exchange, which should be a good time.  I tweaked the time we start to accommodate me fitting in a Shred class at the gym in just over a half hour.  LOL.  Hey, when you're the planner, you can tweak times to accommodate yourself.  And I don't feel guilty one bit.  I ended up making meatballs (they're sooo good), and they always go over really well.

I got myself a new dress yesterday from Jacob, it's going out of business, so what would have normally been a $150 dress was $75.00.  SCORE.  It's gorgeous, black with grey leopard print. Last night Jeff wrapped the rest of the gifts that I hadn't done the night before, so really all we have left to get is the Bajan money for Brian, my step-dad and then a few gift cards for the nieces.

Looking forward to getting the shopping done this weekend, cleaning and watching some movies and catch up on some tv shows.  I'm finally in the festive spirit, our Christmas tree looks great, we have lights in our window and I'm just so excited to get Christmas started.  I love gift giving, and apart from all the anxious, grumpy assholes out there that try and ruin it for others, it's such a lovely time of year.

Here is the dress I got and another pic of my abs, because I'm quite proud of them lately.  LOL


And now the Pot Luck is over and I feel super, duper full.  But I'm excited because tonight I get to meet my mom's new 9 week old Bichon she picked up this morning!!!

Happy Weekend and Merry Christmas!  I'll be back later this weekend or Monday.

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