Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hodge Podge Post

Holy shit, 1,146 views since I last logged in yesterday.  Something is awry?! My audience is never, ever quite that large...
Anyways, just mailing out a last minute card this morning and getting a couple of little things for a stocking stuffer I'm doing for Jeff.. I figure why not, they're fun to open. 
I was going to go to a 12 o'clock Body Pump class today but a co-worker offered to take me for some Thai food as thanks for coming in early for some hearings and going a bit above and beyond in terms of helping out where it's needed, especially in the last couple of months when it's been insanely busy.
Lunch was DELISH and I'm so glad I went to the gym beforehand.  As you can see, I don't get out much.  My drink has an ice cube that lit up.  LOL

Okay we're at 1,873 hits today.  W T F is going on?!  Not that I'm complaining but that's not even close to the traffic I get on my page... Not even close.  I'm flabbergasted.  It's not even one blog post but it seems like a shit ton of the posts are getting viewed.  I have to be getting spambotted...Right?
So I'm home now, the boys were thrilled to see Momma walking through the door.  :)  I managed to get a few stocking stuffers for Jeff but need a few more when I'm out tonight getting some dog food for the little boys.  They'll be staying at my Mom's house from Christmas Day to Sunday while we're up north at Jeff's parents visiting them.  There's actually SNOW up there (3 hours north of where we live - it looks all but spring here, everything has for the most part melted..) and we'll get to shoot some stuff at the range.. So it'll be good.  Speaking of guns, I'm finally getting my restricted/unrestricted license in January.  Tara's husband, Erik and I are spending a weekend doing it together; Tara already has hers and Jeff, too, of course).  January is going to be a BUSY month... I'm petsitting the weekend of January 3-4, Jeff's monthly match is the 10/11 weekend, my course is the next, then I swapped weekend with one of the other girls and working the 24/25 weekend and then the following weekend is Jeff's birthday.. weekend after that, another match of his.  Oh and we're house sitting at my mom's for 3 weeks beginning January 28th, puppy included.

Time to get off the computer, turn on the Christmas lights and wait for Jeff to get home from work (I came home a bit early today).

Ciao! xo

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